Holidaying in Cuba

Well I had a very enjoyable Easter Holidays. I ventured to Cuba for a weeks holiday with my family.

IMG_0189We stayed in Hotel Breezes in a place called Jibacoa. Situated right by the sea and I mean right by the sea (2 minutes from our apartment) it was beautiful!

It was everything you’d expect from the Caribbean, hot weather and stunning beaches. What was so lovely about where we stayed was that the town wasn’t completely full of tourists. Of course, the complex we stayed in was, but around it were mainly farms inhabited by the locals. We ventured into Varadero, a larger town of which held most of Cuba’s tourists. Apart from the beaches there being beautiful as well, it was too busy for my liking. Our complex had a nice chilled vibe to it, with picturesque views everywhere. We took a hike outside of the complex, to look around the town. Oh my gosh was it beautiful! The greenery of the place was divine , with long trees and winding rivers, stretching for miles and miles. It felt like you were on a beautiful Deseret island. Apparently, they had filmed some of Jurassic Park there,



One bit of the holiday which stood out was our memorising tour of Havana. We ignored the tourists guides from Virgin Atlantic, and put our trust in the Cuban locals. So glad we done that, not only did we get a tour, but we got a tour in a old fashioned, 60s American car. Just like the plush ones out of Grease! Instead of sitting on a sweaty coach and not to mention, paying an absolute fortune for it. We visited both New and Old Havana. A visit to the National Hotel, Hotel Nacional de Cuba, proved very interesting. This historic building, was not only beautiful, but full of lots of memorabilia, including a small museum, featuring different content from the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. When stood outside the hotel, you can see a stunning view of Havana Harbour. Here, I enjoyed the most amazing mojito! No word of a lie, it was gorgeous. What I noticed in Cuba, was that they use real mint leaves, unlike then what they do it most bars, back in the UK.


(Me, in front of one of the taxies)

Not only did we check out Havana’s Buena Vista Social Club, but we had a lovely lunch there to in one of their restaurants. What is amazing is that musical activities still go on there. The outside of the building doesn’t look like much, with worn away paint, it looked a little bit neglected. But, as soon as you walk inside, you really see its beauty.  Our tour guide explained to us that because of the governments lack of funding for such buildings, has meant they cannot redecorate and fix the outer side of the building.


Our travel of Havana, also took us to Revolution Square, or as it’s called Plaza de la Revolución. Here, there is the Jose Marti Memorial, a large tower of which is the highest point of Havana. There is also a large image of  former President Fidel Castro. A more recent sculpture there is of Camilo Cienfuegos, of whom helped Castro during the revolution.

Whilst in Cuba, we were very interested in finding out about locals perceptions of America and the closer relationship it now has with Cuba. It was fascinating to find out how they believed it to be of big concern. At the end of the day, they are a nation not undergone by westernisation.  They have never known any different so it is just their ideal way of life. This was fascinating to see and I am so glad I had visited  before any intervention of America had taken place. Another point of interest was during our trip in Havana. We saw protesters asking for people’s signatures to stop America intervening in Venezuela. I hadn’t heard anything about America planning to do such a thing, but to me, it seemed to make sense. Think, tons and tons of oil comes from Venezuela- just what America would want. In regards to this, people, keep an eye out for this, because I most certainly am!

What is great about Cuba is that there are no life-threatening animals! Just cute little lizards as we saw.



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