Funky Tea Cosies

If anyone is just as obsessed with tea as me, look here. I have just recently found some beautifully hand knitted tea cosies, all of which are just the cutest bits of décor. They are located on the website, If you want to make a statement with your tea cosies then this is the place. If anyone has seen Gogglebox, they would know that Kate, the vicar of whom appears on the programme, has many tea cosies just like these. She is always sporting different funky cosy designs and it really does catch viewer’s eyes.


Check this one out. A cosy, in the shape of a beautiful cottage.


Or there is this cosy, designed as a scrummy looking strawberry.


For the cat lovers, here is a puurfect looking cosy. (Had to throw an awful joke in)

 normal_chicken-knitted-tea-cosy I am especially in love with particular piece, a chicken!! The cuteness is overwhelming.

Most of these prices range from £17-£20. The prices may seem a little steep, but its uniqueness can make up for this. Stand out with your tea cosies or buy it as a gift.

If you want to give your teapot a bit of character with something a little different, then look no further!


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