Don’t Doubt Your Career

I wrote this short piece in response to a comment I took offence to on television regarding ones lifestyle and career choice. I just wanted to lift peoples spirits who have doubted their choices in life due to other peoples comments.

I know I’m not one to feel put down, especially when it comes to television. In this case, Come Dine With Me (who would of thought it). No, it’s not even to do with my cooking skills (I fully well know they’re pretty non existent) it was to do with a comment made by a male participant from Yorkshire. It was basically criticising Boots workers, suggesting their job isn’t a proper career and the girls who work there are bimbos. I took straight offence to this, I think anyone else who worked there would too. I then thought to myself you know what, stuff like this is the reason I have so many doubts about my career. This was the same for my degree..

I have always had the odd comment about my chosen degree subject, even if someone didn’t mean to be offensive, it always comes across so. This was throughout my time at University and it did indeed strike a nerve each time. I completed a degree in Media Studies and achieved a 2.1. This degree of course, isn’t your typical intellectual subject, but hands down, is still a worthy degree. ‘Mickey Mouse Degree’ is what my degree was branded. Funny enough, everyone who had made a comment obviously had no idea what the course entitled. People would assume how my course was just based on ‘watching films’. I’m sorry but for whoever says/said that, yes it is a media degree, but we’re at university, think logically here. There was one instance when a friend was discussing their views about my degree to my other friends. They claimed how they wouldn’t bother doing a degree in Media, given the amount of money it costs to complete a degree. This was purely because they believed Media was a pointless subject. Oh my did that hurt, but you know what, every other comment I receive, I just laugh off. In my head I KNOW that this degree means a lot to me and isn’t a waste of time and I KNOW I worked hard for it, just as hard as any other student did in any other degree did. I learnt so much in my course and it was some of the most fascinating bits of information. It re-opened my mind to the world and how we as a community are shaped by the Media. Just to put it out there, I think Media Studies is pretty important then, it shapes our ideologies and how we view others and situations.

I tell you now, never for one second doubt what you love doing. If you do, you are not being true to yourself as a person. Listen to your own mind and block out the others. Don’t be influenced by such voices as I fully well know, you will begin to doubt yourself and your choices. They are always good choices because they are your own and you chose them for a reason.

I know this job at Boots isn’t initially what I wanted to do, but you know what it is a start and I am having a lot of fun with it. It is just a quick message to all you out there who are constantly feeling down about their career or where they are currently in their life. Be happy, you will get to where you want to get to! It may feel hopeless but all you need is some positivity and healthy thinking and then you can achieve anything you set your mind to. If everyone let everyone else get on what with what their doing without making nasty comments, things would be great. All you have to do is think of what YOU want. Don’t let someone else govern you life decisions. Look at me giving life lessons, never saw this coming.

Don’t be so hard on yourself guys.


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