Review- St.Tropez Gradual Tan in Shower Lotion (It really is streak free)

St. Tropez has introduced a new gradual tanning lotion to their large range. What is different about this particular one is that it is applied in the shower. St.Tropez Gradual Tan in Shower Lotion conveniently fits into individuals busy routines. By being able to apply tan whilst you are taking your daily 10195835shower, saves time applying it when you’re dry and means you are not waiting a life time for it to dry. The beauty of this product as well is that it can be treated like a shower gel. If anything, it’s almost like a 2 in 1 product. It leaves your skin fresh and moisturised all day, everything a shower gel accomplishes. Due to the fact it is a gradual tan, after about 3 days of using it will you really start to notice it. It is a nice natural looking tan that isn’t ruined by more and more applications. This type of gradual tan is always better, if you use one which is quite dark and heavy, it may look nice to begin with but trust me it won’t later on.  When it comes to any fake tan, there is always a risk of streakiness. I know this, every fake tan I have previously bought, whether it is cheap or expensive, has left me with some kind of streak/s. After using this for 3-4 weeks, I can happily say I have not spotted any types of streaks. I haven’t even been exfoliating regularly.  The only one daunting aspect about this product, its not even that bad, is that 3 minutes you have to stand around, waiting for it to dry. It is only because you have to stand away from the shower so you can let the lotion develop on your skin. Apart from this, the timing is nothing. Ultimately it is blending in your tanning routine in with your regular wash. This means there is not need to take 10 minutes out each day just to tan. I have yet to see how long the bottle lasts but being as I have used it 3-4 weeks, I still have lots of lotion left in my bottle. At £14.50 it is worth buying, happy tanning!


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