Tabbouleh- A Healthy But Yet Tasty Dish

In terms of new tasty, healthy food this is my favourite to date. I was introduced to this dish by my mum who had made it as a side dish at a family BBQ. In her words, it was a bit of experiment, but one that paid off. Tabbouleh is simply made up of bulgur wheat, a wheat substance rich in fibre, protein and minerals. All it takes is boiling the bulgur wheat and then draining it. From then on, you add the flavours you desire. With tabbouleh, mint leaves are the prime flavours that are added to it. My mum bought a mint plant and just added the leaves into the dish as it was boiling. This gives it a fresh minty taste that really compliments the bulgur wheat. The trick is not to add too much mint as it can become quite overpowering.

image (1)In terms of achieving fewer carbohydrates each day, I used this as a supplement to sandwiches at lunchtime. I treated it like a salad, but one with plenty more flavours and textures. The beauty of this dish is that you can add whatever you want into it. I normally add horse radish, onions, parsley, cucumber and top it off with a bit of feta cheese. These ingredients will be added after the bulgur wheat is boiled and drained. It doesn’t have to be used as just a salad, add it to bread, pita or flat bread.

I have attached a full recipe, provided by the BBC.


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