After weeks of recovery following my month of partying in Ayia Napa, I am now ready for my adult life to commence. I have successfully secured a job in yet another Boots as a pick and select consultant. But, the difference this time is, it’s in London! Not just that but in Oxford Street, one of the busiest streets I have ever encountered. My job entitles me to look over the make up section of the store; these are the cheaper brands we are more familiar with. It is anything from L’Oréal Paris to Collection 2000. Basically, it is all the affordable make up. I am surrounded by all the luxury brands such as Chanel and Benefit, looks like I know where I’ll be spending my lunch break. The exciting bit of my job is that I have full control of the displays and orders that come in. Plus, I can host any types of events within my section of the store in order to promote an item I think would sell well. Watch my space because I will keep you up to date with any promotions I intend to do so you all can come and check it out!

Being that I live in Essex, the commute is doable but not realistic, given the fact I’m working six days a week! So my next plan is moving to London in the next few weeks with my friend from university. I will keep you up to date with this situation but for now, goodbye you lovely people.


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