Attempting A Working Holiday

I would of wrote this sooner, but I have only just had a bit of time to myself. So.. my absence on Word Press earlier was down to the fact that I was in Ayia Napa through out the whole of June. In January, I had booked with an agency which specialised in working holidays abroad, ones in which were the obvious party destinations. The company was called Summer Takeover. It was good in the sense that you paid the agency in advance for a months accommodation and reps to help you find jobs whilst there. It was very ideal because the money could be paid in many instalments instead of blowing your money in one go. All together it cost £299, not including a 50 euro rep fee which had to be paid on arrival.


One main disappointment with this agency was that the accommodation we were promised by them (Pambos Magic) we didn’t end up receiving. Instead, we were moved into one room workers apartments, in a dirty two floor complex. I wasn’t expecting much, due to the fact I did pay little money for my accommodation but my gosh, was it bad. The rooms were tiny in the sense that it housed three people. There were two beds and one sofa, a leaking shower, a toilet with no toilet seat and hobs which didn’t work. Upon my arrival, I couldn’t even move into my new apartment given that the girls I was meant to be living with, went off for a few days with the only key.  Luckily, I met three lovely girls, all friends from Sheffield, at the airport and they let me stay in their room for a few nights. As if three wasn’t enough, four in a room was crammed! A few days after my arrival, I met two Northern Irish people, a girl and a lad of whom were friends from back home. They offered me their spare bed as it was just the two of them sharing. It was such a relief to finally be settled in a room and be able to properly unpack my suitcase. The day that followed was typical, the girls whom I was meant to be sharing with at the beginning, returned. By then I didn’t see the point of moving in with them as I was settling in finally. The girls were perfectly nice though, I know it was a bit annoying what happened, but it was what it was.

Oops I’m starting to make this experience sound awful, trust me apart from all that palaver, it was far from it! The month that followed was INCREDIBLE. I don’t even know where to begin. I LOVE AYIA NAPA. Will write you a follow up to share my Ayia Napa experience!


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