Idris Elba for James Bond

Oh no. Anthony Horowitz is obviously not a very intelligent man as people give him credit for. He is obviously stuck in the past with his outdated views. I can understand, without Horowitz there wouldn’t be a James Bond trilogy, but for calling Elba “too street” is appalling. I am quite outraged about all the stick Idris Elba is receiving in regards to the rumours of him possibly being selected to play the next James Bond. At the end of the day, Elba is probably one the most talented British actors out there. If you haven’t seen Luther, watch it and then tell me then if he isn’t suitable for Bond. You can try and sugar coat this issue with “oh he can’t be James Bond, he doesn’t look like what a Bond should do.” SO WHAT. As I want to exaggerate, we live in the twenty first century. It is good we as society can accept this because a good fifty years ago, there would be no chance of this happening.

There are other nations who are not as open-minded as the UK, in terms of acceptance of others. For instance, extreme racism is still a problem world-wide and in some countries, it is illegal to be a homosexual. This means these ignorant type of people shouldn’t spoil this with their outdated comments. I mean, yes, I do believe racism is still a problem here in the UK and we shouldn’t ignore that issue. People, we are living in the twenty first century here, everyone should be treated as an equal.

Idris Elba for James Bond!!


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