The Weeknd- My Sum Up 

The Weeknd, or in other words the talented Abel Tesfaye has just released his debut album, Beauty Behind the Madness. His fame really is rising right now, given his last few singles that have made chart success. This is special credit to his track ‘Earned it’ which was featured in the blockbuster hit Fifty Shades of Grey and is seen as a favourite on it’s sound track. The power ballad ‘Love Me Harder’ included the chart topping Ariana Grande to also make chart success. Beyond this is a unique sound Abel has created through out his work, tugging on every emotion one could almost feel.  His single ‘The Hills’ creates a dark atmosphere which is imposed by the screaming heard in the background of the song.  His dark lyrics help captivate this too, ‘When I’m f****d up, that’s the real me.’ Abel’s lyrics follow typical traits of other rappers who sing suggestively about women, talk about drugs and living in fame. There is a unique twist upon these lyrics, in which Abel is using them to describe his dark persona. The lyrics behind his hit single ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ are supposedly about being in a drug fulled relationship. Older singles such as ‘High For This’ and ‘Often’ all represent such lyrics but it’s how Abel delivers them is what makes it so special. He has regularly partnered up with fellow Canadian, rapper Drake, who have both appeared on each other’s tracks.

His new single that has just premiered in the US, ‘Tell Your Friends’, was produced by Kanye West.  The song outlines more lyrics, captivating his particular new lifestyle in the world that is fame. These beautifully crafted lyrics, sit in front of a jazz/classical piano piece. A small RnB essence of the song is brought back to us from the continuous beats. As most Kanye songs go, the ending becomes the signature part, boosting the tempo to create large effect.

Abel has always remained so mysterious about who he is, up to now. He never participated in many interviews and not long ago, only revealed his identity to the world. This adds to the whole illusion of his music, it feels spooky but it gives audiences a sense of excitement.

The beautiful thing about The Weeknd is that you will not hear such music anywhere else. I will be purchasing his new album soon and I look forward to it. With artists such as Lana Del Rey featuring on the record, I am very excited!


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