Fashion Fix- Smart Wear

Smart wear seems to be emerging again as a popular fashion trend. Girls are loving the professional look and seem to admire the city girl lifestyle.

Collars are a blessing in today’s society. Once seen as an outdated fashion mark on a shirt, is now a glorified and purposely bought fashion statement. Peter Pan collars are typically associated with dresses in the early 1900s. This flat, rounded collar is now a popular fashion attachment, being modelled for nearly every famous stylist.

Blazers. I love blazers. The wondrous thing about this simple looking piece of clothing is that it can be worn with almost anything for any occasion. I’m not sure if it’s to do with this particular time of year, but I have found many blazers in the sales of high-street retailers. I managed to pick up a beautiful pearl coloured blazer from Top-Shop last week for a mere nothing of £10!

672047_mainOne particular piece of clothing I recognise more and more in fashion retailers are smart sleeveless jackets. Typically worn with plain long sleeved tops, they create a smart casual look to an individual. I would know, I own one. I do wear long sleeved tops with my jacket, but I also use short sleeved turtle neck tops to exaggerate that smart, neat look. (Image on the left, River Island)

One retailer that is particularly good for smart wear at reasonable prices is H&M. Their shops dedicate a large part of their space to smart/work clothes. I have picked out not just work clothes, but clothes for everyday purposes from here. Their bright florescent shirts work well when worn in the work place, just as they do when worn on a day out with your friends. –H&M Smart Wear

My next investment, being as I am actually off to work in the city, is to purchase a suit. My dream is to buy a suit from Ted Baker but I don’t think my wages can stretch that far yet. Even hight-street retailers charge ridiculous prices for suits and that is if they even include them in their range. Ultimately suits are deemed more acceptable to splurge out on, given their quality and how long they last. The day I purchase my dream suit from Ted Baker will be when I know I have made it.


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