Independent Fashion Sites

Here are three of my favourite, more independent fashion retailers. All their clothing is unique and not to mention, affordable. I love these online sites because they all use Instagram to promote their stores and I just love the images they post! Not to mention the clothes as well obviously.

Public Desire 

Public Desire is an online footwear brand, which generates sales online from it’s wide range of trendy shoes.  Their endless list of shoes, covers mainly boots. heels and even booted heels. There are many different styles incorporated into these shoes, whether it’s a western, futuristic or smart type of style, Public Desire are always recognising the next new trends in shoes. This website was the first place where I had discovered the ‘Harper High Heeled Platforms’. As shown below, I had never heard of the name but the style really stood out to me. They are booted heels with almost an ‘outta space’ type vibe. The style of these booted heels are very unique. They don’t just come in white and black, they come in all sorts of neon colours. I have yet to buy them so I cannot tell you how they comfortable and practical they are to wear, but what I do know is they’re reduced at the moment to £16.99 so hurry up and grab a pair!

Fashion Prescription

Fashion Prescriptions USP is that all the clothes they sell are quite unique. They too keep up with every fashion trend to then incorporate it into their clothes. Due to the fact it’s almost the end of summer and autumn is approaching (weep) they have introduced many of amazing jumpers, coats and cardigans to their range. From turtle neck cape jumpers to trendy modern day trench coats, there is lots to choose from. I ordered a gorgeous IMG_2113play-suit from this retailer. Here I am wearing it to V Festival a few weeks ago (it’s me on the right). All of their other play-suits and dresses are beautiful with very unique designs. They would be because they are all hand made! I’d say the only downer about this retailer is that due to the fact its very independent, it takes about 3-4 weeks from them to deliver your purchases. It does fully state that on their website which I guess is good, just not for you lot who need an outfit quickly.


La Moda is another online fashion retailer that focuses its sales on accessories and shoes. Their main attention is to their accessories . The styles are a bit more edgy and retro. 90’s clothing plays a large part in their style of clothes. This is evident in their Instagram photos. They are always posting ‘throwbacks’ of images typically associated with the 90’s. For example, the Spice Girls. This means they are appealing to those born in the 90’s and showing that their style is based on that era. On their website, they have three links to three different trends they are trying to sell across. The first one is Health Goth which demonstrates grunge styled accessories and shoes, taken from the 90’s era. Then there is Cyber Princess, ghetto styled shoes and accessories with bright and wacky colours/tassels incorporated. The last trend is Western Spirit, which kind of says it in the name. It demonstrates styles associated with Native Americans, with a hippy edge. Some of the bags model cowboy styles, especially those with lots of tassels. blog-june-resize


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