Moving To London For The First Time?

I am probably one of the many individuals that are looking to kick start their career in the large, bustling city of London. It’s finding a place to live that is the problem. I have already successfully found myself a job (which I start in less then two weeks) and all I need now is a place to live. My friend whom lives in central London, hasn’t got any room for me and all my other friends live too far out of London. It would be great to find an accommodation fairly central but I know the unlikeness of this is huge. Especially given the fact I’ve given myself a £650 pcm budget. As long as there’s some sort of transport (preferably tubes) near me, I should be fine. The unfortunate thing is that London rent prices are so expensive and are still on the rise. Even if I opted to live further out of London, the charge for commuting will still be high.

I have recently come across a website that specifically helps individuals find rooms in London at reasonable prices (given the type of property). It is called Easy Room Mate. You can type in your property preference which is categorised into your preference of location, the type of property you’d like, how many people you’d want to be living with and how old you’d prefer them to be. This really helps to find the right accommodation for you. If you’re looking for a short term or long term stay, there are the options that will cater to your needs. If you’re looking to meet new people, you can choose to stay in a house share. If you prefer to live without the company, you can rent private studios. I’d advise to choose the properties with private landlords and avoid agencies. Agencies can charge a  lot of agency fees, on top of a deposit fee. The website ‘Open Rent’ is really good in the sense that all agency fees are excluded. All I can say is be careful and make sure when you visit the properties, make sure someone else comes with you. I’m sure it is all safe but you never know so I would be careful just in case. I have yet to find an accommodation but when I do, I will update you on my process with Easy Room Mate.


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