It’s bad but there’s still hope- edging myself onto the topic of Trump

So I haven’t written a piece about Donald Trump yet. I think whole heartedly I have been trying to avoid the situation. There has been too much hate surging inside me; I thought it was best to wait and channel it into something more creative and inspiring. Lets be honest, 2017 so far has been crashing down all around us and I’m sure just like me, you all feel helpless. This is why this post isn’t a piece of ‘anti-trump’ propaganda but yet a statement of hope.

Ever since Obama left the White House and Donald Trump started imposing all these policies, the world has been left reeling with the fear of, what is next!? As much as I am trying to digest his policies and understand them, this unfortunately is what is happening. Instead of channelling hate to others (which is what Trump wants to achieve) lets take a stand and unite, not dismantle. I like many others, have strong views but lets not enforce these on others and lets instead express views in ways that embrace equality. We need to fight back for equality and remind the world this is what we want! The goal is for equality, we don’t want a war.

If you feel strongly against Trump and his ideals, please by all means, make a stand! Especially speaking to the younger minority, we are the next generation and we must take a stand to what we believe in. Essentially, that is what democracy is. Trump was voted in and as tough as it is to except, that was democracy speaking. The time is now not to dwell on the situation but come together, unite and do something good. Yes, Trump may be denying us the ability to unite as a whole, but the point is to challenge this and rise above such things he tries to throw at us. I’ve heard a lot of people challenging people outside of America on any views to do with Trump. Yes, understood it is ‘America’s’ president, but with such power, it does effect pretty much the whole world. Let’s come together and take a stand against a man who doesn’t want us to unite.

After the first successful bunch of rallies we saw this week through out the United Kingdom, let’s jump into the next ones. Keep an eye out because as I’m very aware, when Mr Trump next visits the UK, the next one will be put in place.


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