Seche Vite Top Coat- unlike any other 

Hey guys, if you’re like me and can’t afford to keep on visiting the salon for the perfect nails, look no further. I work full time as a beauty advisor and I am expected to have immaculate looking nails every single day. It doesn’t help when every nail varnish and top coat I use just chips or smudges after 20 minutes. Someone had mentioned Seche Vite to me, explaining to me it was the best top coat they had used. I merely just forgot about it until I was shopping for some nail varnish and I came across it. It was the last one on the shelf which pushed me to buy if (I know right, slightly strange and superstitious) but to this day haven’t regretted it. Okay so it may be priced at £9 but if you compare prices to what you would pay in a salon, it makes more sense to invest in this. Not only does it help the nail colour to dry fast, it also makes an amazing, longwear top coat. It glides on smoothly, creating a perfect layer allowing the nail varnish to dry fast and effectively. After 4 days, I still have no chips whatsoever. Crazy right, normally I’m lucky if it doesn’t chip for a day. Please do not hesistate to buy this, you will be saving yourself so much time!
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat- £9.00

Can be bought in selected Boots & Superdrug stores


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