Working for Yves Saint Laurent Beauty

As you may have been able to tell, my time away from blogging is an indication to my change of career. Since July 2016, I have been working for Yves Saint Laurent as a Beauty Advisor in Boot’s Flagship Store in Central London. I have stayed working within my previous Boot’s store but I am now employed under L’oreal. This new role is predominantly sales based, although having a keen eye for makeup/beauty products is key!

The thing I love most about this is job is that every day is different. Due to working in Central London, I have so much going on around me and I thrive off that. Yes, it can be a challenge walking into the unexpected, but it keeps me on my toes and makes everything so much more interesting. In terms of work, I like to be kept very busy! I too love the fact that I serve and interact with customers from all over the globe from all different types of cultures and religions. It gives me the chance to learn about and understand others in a way I probably wouldn’t have done so before. There is always someone new I meet, coming to me with a different story and I find it so endearing. Honestly working with people face to face everyday is so rewarding. In terms of my job, I always give 100% when it comes to customer care and will go out of my way to make sure my customer is walking away happy. Okay, I may be blowing my own trumpet but it is something I really strive to do. Think of it this way, these certain customers have come out of their way to receive a face to face retail experience instead of opting to buy our goods quick and easily online. The least thing we can do is strive to make that experience the best it can be. I always imagine myself as the customer and think, what would I expect from this experience. I’m sure we’ve all experienced this whilst shopping, but the times we most definitely did not get the customer care we desired and how it puts a downer on your current mood. A smile can go a long way and by just listening and engaging with a customer, you might have actually brightened up their day.

In terms of makeup, this is something I’m going to try and starting blogging about more often! Due to my love of makeup and the job role criteria, this is more then perfect for me. Even though I have a passion for makeup, it is something I am still learning and working on. This is all down to practise, whether it’s at home or at work, so hopefully I’ll try and upload some pictures to keep you all posted on my progression. I mean, I have only really just learnt to do winged eyeliner and doing it on someone else is something completely different.

Will try and keep you posted on any events we will be holding in store or any new launches we have coming up.


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